Ekyrail entreprises inc.
Manufacturers of electrical rail components

Since its creation, Ekyrail Enterprises Inc. has been replacing, upgrading and repairing rail equipment for several major railway companies.

Thanks to their innovative and robust products, Ekyrail Enterprises Inc. improves rail conditions.

Electronic bell for locomotive

Our rail products and services

We have developed invaluable expertise to assist you with your railway equipment :

Our vision : to reinvent the industry

We are constantly on the lookout for new rail technologies, and we invest heavily in R&D.

What's more, the recent appointment of Yan Taillon, the son of founder Christian Taillon, as president, further strengthens our desire to think big!

Yan has more than 20 years of experience in rail electrical systems. And he intends to use this expertise to revolutionize the industry!

Reinvent industry railway
Yan Taillon, president

Family has always been a fundamental value for our company. And this value is reflected in our name.

The first 3 letters "EKY" designate the first names of Christian Taillon's 3 children :

  • E for his son Emmanuel
  • K for his daughter Karine
  • Y for his son Yan

By integrating the first names of his children into his field of expertise, Christian Taillon integrates an entire generation, close-knit, in his project!

But how do you pronounce the name of our company?

Be aware that the "Y" is not pronounced like the sound "Why," rather, it should be spoken like an "E." These are the mysteries of the French language!

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Since October 2019, we have enlarged by 15,000 square feet.